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Krog DDD-1 Dynamic Digital Drums

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    The DDD-1 offers a full lineup of features which help provide realistic drum and percussion sounds, For example, the dynamics function lets you control Output Volume for each instrument sound according to the strength of instrument key touch. Each Sound Can be tuned individually, as Can Decay and Output Level. Instrument sounds can be freely assigned to individual keys via Instrument Assign, and each sound can be panned through One of 7 Outputs via Output Assign. And POLY mode is featured which lets you “layer” up to 12 notes from the Same instrument.

    The DDD-1 has a built-in PCM sound generator, for authentic instrument sounds. Up to 4 ROM cards can be used simultaneously, for a wide range of rhythm variation when used with the 18 built-in instrument sounds,. Also, utilization of the optional Sampling Board gives you unlimited access to external sounds, so you can Create your own original sound sources.

    Up to 100 PATTERNS, and 10 complete SONGS featuring 255 parts can be kept in the DDD-1 memory, via either Real Time or Step Recording. These two recording methods can be used together to create complex rhythms that aren't possible using one individually.

    A 2-line, 16-character LCD display provides user-friendly operational instructions, so even complex operations are made easy.

    DDD 1 Memory Data can be preserved Via Tape Interface or on RAM card, for unlimited rhythm data creation possibilities.

    The DDD-1 features a MIDI terminal, So it can be used to control, or be controlled by Other MIDI sequencers or drum machines. Not only that, but MIDI keyboards can be used to control the DDD-1, and even be used to Write patterns on the DDD-1. Data can be output as System Exclusive Messages, and can be altered via Program Change messages for total convenience in MIDI communications.
    Type: Digital
    Synthesis: ROM
    Pattern Engine (+) Open Manual Page
    Programming: Real Time, Step
    Sounds Per Pad (+) Open Manual Page
    Sounds Per Pad: 12
    Sources: ROM
    Sounds Notes:
    + 18 built-in sounds:

    2 Bass Drum
    2 Snare
    3 Tom toms
    2 Hi-Hat open
    2 Hi-hat closed
    Polyphony & Tuning
    Polyphony: 12
    Timbrality: 12
    Tuning: Standard
    Modes: Mono, Polyphonic
    Patterns User: 100
    Songs User: 10
    Storage: Internal, ROM Cartridge, Tape
    External Storage: MIDI
    Case: Desktop
    Trigger Pads : Hard Pads
    Controls: Pads, Sequencer
    Display Type: LCD, LED
    Display Count H: 16
    Display Count V: 2
    MIDI / Sync / Trigger (+) Open Manual Page
    Audio Outputs: 1/4" Phone Jack, Mono Out, Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone
    Audio Output Count: 11
    Audio Output Notes: 7 x 1/4" Mono
    MIDI Ports: IN, OUT
    DAC Bits: 12
    Released: 1986
    Manuals & Documents

    YouTube Videos
    References & Sources
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