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Jack Hertz


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The SY85 Music Synthesizer delivers the incredible Yamaha AWM sound with improved quality and performance power. In addition to superior sound, the SY85 features “Quick Edit” modes that provide fast, easy access to the most important voice and performance editing jobs so you can customize the sound without having to deal with the details. Of course, you still have full programming power when you want to do some serious voicing. For unmatched on-stage expression the SY85 also features a sophisticated real-time control system that lets you modify up to 8 different parameters as you play — in addition to the traditional pitch and modulation wheels. There’s even a full-featured sequencer that allows the SY85 to function as a complete music workstation. In terms of sound, real-time control, and total production power, the SY85 offers unprecedented levels of quality and performance.

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