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Jack Hertz


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The classic analog synth sound is invading the airwaves and dance floors of the world and taking modern music to ever higher levels of creativity and style. And now, with the arrival of the Yamaha AN1x Control Synthesizer, you can assume control of your sound and expand your musical universe like never before. Featuring Yamaha's new Analog Physical Modeling Synthesis, which faithfully - and reliably - models analog sound digitally, the AN1x brings the fat, familiar sounds of the classic analog synths together with intuitive realtime control features in one futuristic, highly intelligent package that will change forever the way you create and perform your own music. A truly innovative, truly incredible sounding synth that's designed from scratch for techno, trance and every other type of modern dance music existing or yet tonceived, the AN1x gives you the power to create fresh and inspiring music every time you switch it on.

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