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Jack Hertz


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You need lots of sonic choices from authentic to innovative, that's why there are 1152 voices and 65 different drum kits in the ES rack. With the most advanced synthesis on the market, ES Rack's 128 note polyphony, 16 part Mix architecture and 32 multi libraries insure you have the all the flexibility you need. 2 System effects, 8 types of mastering effects a 5-band master EQ, 8 simultaneous insertion effects, and 3-band equalization for each of the 16 Parts in a Mix let you tailor your sound exactly the way you want. The two Modular Synthesis Plug-in System expansion slots let you expand your system with more voices, effects and polyphony. 128 programmable Performances that layer and split up to 4 voices will start your creativity flowing. USB Ports, Digital I/O and Studio Connections Recall compatible software editors, let you easily integrate the Rack ES into your computer music system.

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