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Where Do You Find New Electronic Music Most?

Where Do You Find New Electronic Music Most?  

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  1. 1. Where Do You Find New Electronic Music Most?

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I used to follow a number of netlabels that were consistently amazing...  But then they all sort of faded.

There are some still...

Dusted Wax Kingdom is amazing trip-hop/acid-jazz/dub.

Archaic Horizon was great analogue ambient... but doesn't release much anymore.

Most netlabels I come across are harsh noise, anymore.  Meh...

But slowly I'm repopulating my list of go-to netlabels.  


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On 10/31/2016 at 0:14 PM, jeff sampson said:

I like Bandcamp, which I don't consider a Record Store, a Streaming Service, or Social Media - but I do wish it had a means for interaction between artists and fans.

I believe Bandcamp is considered "Social Media". If that doesn't complicate things even more. 

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I selected "other" because originally I only ever stumbled onto electronic music. I heard "Popcorn," "Autobahn" and "Arabesque" (Tomita) on the radio but nothing else. None of my friends listened to EM. These days I continually experiment with different search phrases on Google. Most search results turn up copy-cat music but sometimes I find a nugget of gold in the tsunami of sound-alikes.

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I literally voted `all of the above'!

I follow several labels - Syn-Gate, ...txt, Aural Films, Harmonic Resonance, Projekt, Virtual/Ishq, etc are some instantly off the top of my head - and chances are I make purchases pretty regularly with them.

Friends (mostly the online kind) will constantly make recommendations, or post updates from other artists that leads to exposure to new albums/artists constantly, especially modern and new stuff.

Older music I will often come across at local record fairs I attend several times a year, which will always be on vinyl and usually the more obscure/unknown titles/artists.

I also constantly take notice of reviews which lead to more suggestions.

In short, every one of the above options are ways that I discover new electronic music, so every box got a tick!

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