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Frequency Alcyone

Frequency Alcyone

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Hi everyone... just re-posting the info from one of my "home" labels Latex Records, that's it in a nutshell. The website's looking good :) going to quietly contribute albums, step by step, for now. Cheers from Sweden :) /Linnea


Frequency Alcyone a.k.a. Linnea S. is electronic music producer and experimental artist living in Sweden. Born and raised in Moscow (Russia), her life as ethnic Finn among Russians, as queer woman, as depression survivor and as an aspie, had been very tough. The only way for her to express the feelings sitting deep within system was and is the music production. Her music output since 1999 had been extremely varied: electronica, black metal, industrial, ambient, dark hip-hop, trance, new age, psychedelia, film music and everything in-between. As a fictional online character "A. Vargas" a.k.a. "Seclorum", created in order to divert her creative efforts from her real personality due to low self-esteem, she was heavily involved into Russian netlabel music scene, founding and running such netlabels as .NBK Records, DNA Production and Alter-X Promotion Project in 2007-2008. She also co-founded Gliese 581c Records in 2009. When her health severely deteriorated in 2010, she killed away her online character, experienced NDE due to the flatline in the hospital, and, after some months of recovery, moved to Sweden in the end of 2010. Her struggles continued there and, in order to cope, she continued making music as Ars Sonor. After a couple of years that stabilized her situation, her efforts within music production started to gain some recognition. She is collaborating with many different artists around the world, being heavily involved into film production, both as a composer and as an actress. She has made certain efforts within visual art and podcasting / radio as well, reflected within her projects Hystrix and The Black Square. She is also a current vocalist of the band Twilight Transmissions. Her music, regardless of the genre, could be described as dreamy, dark, psychedelic and intense. She contributes to Latex Records and Venus Aeon as I Transform, albeit not exclusively so. She is an avid Tarot enthusiast as well, and has a keen interest in sigil craft and channelling; her own attempts in channelling gave enormous inspiration for her creative writing and for the project I Transform as well. (http://latexrecords.com/artists/frequencyalcyone.html)


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