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Jack Hertz

Internet Archive 20th Anniversary Party

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I was very fortunate to attend the Internet Archive 20th Anniversary party tonight. Great to meet all the people who make the project possible and see a lot of the technology behind what they do. They have new services they will be releasing in the coming weeks that are really impressive. DJ Spooky was on hand as well. Watch a rough video of of him talking and the track, "Sonic Web", that he recorded exclusively with IA material. Which, attendees were given a flexidisc copy of with an IA pint glass and sticker. Pretty swell.  

internet_archive_20th_anniversary (1).JPGinternet_archive_20th_anniversary (2).JPGinternet_archive_20th_anniversary (3).JPGinternet_archive_20th_anniversary (4).JPGinternet_archive_20th_anniversary (5).JPGinternet_archive_20th_anniversary (6).JPG

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