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Jon Johnson

Topic: Monologue

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 From reading the specs and listening to this video I think with the all analog signal path it puts it in direct competition with synths like the microBrute perhaps?

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I love Korg and their traditions. This is really cool that they've kept up the tradition of Wavesequencing as they did with the MS2000, MS2000R, Radias and R3 as well as the microKorgs. The MS2000's/Radias do it with their step sequencers and the R3 with it's modulation sequencer but the original micros needed help from a sequencer that records and plays back sysex or standalone device. The Monologue does it with it's sequencer as shown in this video from Synth Anatomy. Isn't as dramatic as it could be but a really cool thing he's got goin on is he's recording drum sounds within the sequencer which adds some variety.


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