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Jack Hertz

RIP Jean Jacques Perrey (87) - Electronic Music Pioneer, Ondioline Innovator

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RIP Jean Jacques Perrey, French electronic music pioneer and Innovator of the Ondioline.


Very nice story about him and Raymond Scott from the Raymond Scott Archives post on Facebook:



It is with sadness we say farewell to our friend, and French electronic music pioneer, Jean Jacques Perrey, who left planet earth yesterday at age 87. Here are his personal recollections of Raymond Scott:

"When my friend Dana Countryman kindly gave me the MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC. book and 2-CD set in Paris, I had no idea that a lot of memories from years ago would come back to me while listening to this music, and reading this fantastic book.

"In March of 1960, a few weeks after I arrived in the United States for the very first time, my sponsor, Carroll Bratman, decided to import Ondiolines from France to the U.S., and he asked me to demonstrate the Ondioline to Raymond Scott at Scott's studio. Carroll told me that this man was a very talented composer, and he was experimenting with new electronic music instruments that he had invented. And he added, 'He is the composer of the tune "The Toy Trumpet.'" So, I was very impressed, since that was my first contact with a well-known musician in the U.S., just arriving from Europe with all my hopes and projects.

"We were very welcomed at Raymond Scott's studio (or should I say a 'laboratory' instead?!) and he was very enthusiastic about the Ondioline. He wanted one, and it arrived after a few weeks. By the way, you can see a photo of this Ondioline (after being modified — with it's outer case removed) on page 77 in the MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC. book, just to the right of Scott. That's why this album has reminded me so much of my first weeks in New York City.

"I must say that I have been very enthusiastic about this album for many reasons. First of all, for Raymond Scott himself. This man was a true genius, deserving to be classified among the great pioneers of electronic music for his contributions to this domain. He deserves to be named in the history books, alongside of electronic musical instrument inventors such as Theremin, Pechadre, Trautwein, Bode, Le Caine, Givelet, Martenot, Georges Jenny, Bob Moog, and more to come.

"Secondly, Raymond Scott composed a lot of music for radio and TV commercials which were very successful. He recorded with his own instruments (Clavivox, Electronium, etc.) and did his own composing on them. When I hear the two CDs contained in this compilation, I am amazed by the versatility of his talent, creativity, originality, and imagination. I'll never forget him!

"Thirdly, I want to pay tribute to Basta Records for putting such a wonderful album on the market, with a very serious book full of interesting information, and in such a high-quality artistic package. MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC. is a work of art which should be found in the record collections of all present-day electronic music composers. It also should be used as scholarly reference material.

"Thank you to have dared to issue an album of such quality. BRAVO!"

—Jean-Jacques Perrey
Evian, France, 2000


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