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Hello from AEJOTZ (BOING!, classitron, NeRdRoiD)

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Musically, I'm influenced by practically every kind of western music from baroque through grunge and I've loved Ravi Shankar from the first raga I ever heard.

Sonically, I'm highly influenced by shortwave radio sounds and electronic instruments from the 1950s on, as well as sounds from early sci-fi movies.

I was a rock singer/songwriter/guitarist from about 15 to 55 but I was also the only person I knew who loved synth music.

In 1983 I bought a Casio MT-65 and a 4-track recorder to augment my guitar based demos. Instead, I accidentally made AEJOTZ music.

Everyone I knew hated my AEJOTZ music so I stopped making it.

In the early 21st Century I retired my guitar. The more synth-heavy Stereolab albums kept reminding me of my AEJOTZ music and made me miss it terribly.

So, in 2011 I bought a couple of used synths and a digital 8-track recorder to see if I still had the knack for layering simple riffs into interesting compositions.

I still had the knack plus decades more musical and sonic experience and much better instruments. I've made about 150 AEJOTZ tunes since re-starting.

I'd love to no longer care what other people think of my music, but I do care. Fortunately, I now have fans all over the world. (There's only about ten of them but that's ten more than in 1983!)


"AEJOTZ," my screen name, is a terrible artist name. So I'm experimenting with new artist names. I now release my main style music as "BOING," my kind-of orchestral sounding stuff as "classitron" and my goofiest experiments as "NeRdRoiD."

My real name is Howard Wesley Tate and I presently live in northwest Indiana with two cats and a wife.

I've used a dozen different synths but have distilled my rig down to my favorite toy-like instruments: original Microkorg, Casio CZ-101, Microbrute/Werkstatt and Microsampler.

These might not be the best sounding or most feature-rich instruments I've used, but they're ones I have the most fun with.

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