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Free 32 Bit Synthmaker Plugins

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Kinda cool. 32 bit but still .... From: http://www.producerspot.com/free-vintage-synthmaker-vst-plugins-by-kevin-brown

 Kevin Brown announced the availability of a huge collection of free 32-bit VST plugins for Windows, all created using SynthMaker.

These free VST plugins emulates popular classic vintage synthesizers from famous developers such as Yamaha, Korg, Moog, ARP, Buchla, Ensoniq, EMS and others.

The developer announced the availability of these plugins bundle as he will no longer be working on them. They are open to anyone who want to refine and “do whatever they like with any of this. OSMs and .dlls are included.” – says Kevin Brown at DSPRobotics forum.

“These “emulations” are meant only as ‘inspired by’ and ‘based on’, not as accurate or complete emulations, in either features or sound. Most are based on vintage subtractive synths, but there are several FM instruments as well. All are editable form a single page, even the large ‘modulars’. I concentrated primarily on synths not much (if at all) represented in VST form.

Downloads are on Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g6m0z81ie05fjhf/AAArjiB6LAxI7vT7waLUwt3ja?dl=0





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