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Jon Johnson

Meris Mercury 7 Reverb

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Meris has unveiled a new reverb pedal. Mercury 7 is a gigantic sounding, ambient powerhouse reverb inspired by the 1982 Blade Runner film soundtrack. Meris has a pro audio heritage in pedalboard friendly designs and this is their first entry into the pedal world.are designed and built in Los Angeles, CA.



Pro Audio Heritage in a Pedalboard Friendly Design

Handcrafted Algorithmic Reverbs

Analog Mix & Dry Signal Path

Intra-Tank Pitch Regeneration

High & Low Frequency Damping

Extensive Modulation Capability

Auto Swell Envelope  (variable and foot-switchable)

Stereo input and output

Switchable input output headroom level for Guitar, Synthesizer or Line levels

Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously

Presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI

MIDI in/out over TRS via the EXP jack

Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP

Premium Analog Devices JFET input section

Designed and Built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


Premium quality 24 bit A/D and D/A

32 Bit floating point DSP hardware

-115 dB Signal to Noise Ratio (typical)

Premium low noise Analog signal path throughout

Analog Devices JFET input circuitry

Wet/Dry signal mix occurs in the Analog domain

Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass

150 mA total power consumption

More info and sound examples at http://www.meris.us/products/mercury7-reverb-pedal/


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