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Jack Hertz

NAMM 2017: Roland Press Conference Show in 360 Video

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Watch the Roland Press Conference Show from NAMM 2017 in 360 Video.

Here is the 2D version for those who don't have a VR setup:


Held each year in Anaheim, California, NAMM is the world's largest musical instrument trade show. Wherever you are, you’ll hear all the latest gear news first when you live-stream our special online event: The Future Redefined - NAMM Show Experience in 360. From 4pm PST on January 18th, we’ll be broadcasting Roland's Press Conference, complete with immersive 360 video that means smartphone users with a virtual viewer will feel like they’re right there in the room. Don’t miss it.

Below is a summary of the events that were covered during the program.

The conference began with President and CEO of Roland Corporation North America Jay Wanamaker announcing the new Roland Customer Engagement Team. A team of trained product specialists-experts that will train dealers and offer the best customer engagement for customer's solutions for their products.

Next in the program they had Roland CEO and Representative Director Jun-ichi Miki to announce the 45 anniversary of Roland Corporation founded in 1972. Mr Miki emphasized their recent new product releases as being under than new concepts as being"unleash" and what they are calling "game changer products" noting the two recent products the El Cajon EC-10 and Aerophone AE-10. He also highlighted new products introduced last week at the CES show in Las Vegas the Go keys, Go Piano, and Go Mixer as new game changers for the CE market.

Mr Miki also introduced their new Roland Cloud Service with their breakthrough communication technology called RAINLINK.  
RAINLINK technology will be made available to connected computers, cell phones, and other devices. The idea is to bring creators, dreamers, and people together in fun, inspiring and affordable ways. As part of the new service Roland will soon unveil a new series of high resolution software synthesizers that will be made available exclusively through the Roland Cloud. The high resolution synthesizers allow for range of expression, the creative controls, and the quality never experienced before. Especially for studio music producers and game music creators. Those who use DAWS and and those that need software solutions. Mr Miki also closed out his speech highlighting the over 40 new Roland products released last Fall to start of the new year 2017.

Director of Roland Virtual Sonics Jeremy Soule came to the stage next to explain that Roland Cloud is the future. Super computing for a very low monthly cost that gives every musician a level playing field. "If you can imagine it, you can create it, you can afford it." "Everything connected is the new motto".  Access the stuff when you need it. To compete you need the sound to have a career. You need to be cutting edge to stand out. For expression you need a lot of computing power which the Roland Cloud addresses. The Cloud will handle the big data. For example a high resolution sampled piano will not need to be downloaded, rather handled on the Cloud end and the user will be able to access it in full resolution audio through RAINLINK. The new communication pathway. 

At the moment they are in early access beta mode with whats called TERA LINE ULTRA DEEP SAMPLING instruments and have a demonstration of a high resolution piano instrument called TERA PIANO that uses RAINLINK. NAMM 2017 attendees are encouraged to try out. They also have a new high resolution Anthology Series of Roland instruments of the past with Ultra Deep Sampling of Roland instruments of the past and remastered older Roland instruments of the past in better and modern than the originals. The AIRA Plug-Out instruments are also part of the new Roland Cloud. 

The next speaker in the program was Chris Halon,Vice President of Marketing Roland Corporation US who re-emphasized the 20th anniversary of the Roland V-Drums and brefily introduced the Roland RD-2000 Digital Stage Piano which now offers 8 layers in a patch or 9 if you include a computer. Attenedees were treated to a quick demo from Earth Wind & Fire's keyboardist Myron McKinley.

Next was a brief introductory video in 360 degrees highlighting the new Roland Rubix USB audio interface line which are being displayed at the Roland booth. The Rubix video segued into a new video announcing a joint venture between wireless headphone maker V-Moda and Roland. The audience was then introduced to CEO and founder of V-Moda Val Kolton who briefly talked about their award winning wireless headphones for DJ's and Music and the new vision for "redefining the future"with Roland.

The program then segued into a new video demonstrating the new Boss Singer Pro Live and Acoustic Singer Live Amplifiers. featuring 2 channels for acoustic guitar and mic channel. the amps also integrate Boss's Looper Technology and vocal harmonizing technologies. This segued directly into a 40 years of Boss Pedal celebration video. Highlighting some their most successful pedals made.

The program then advanced to a briefing from President of Boss Corporation Yoshi Ikegami. Who shared Boss's new direction for the coming year with a Limited Edition of Boss's most successful pedal the DS-1 Distortion Pedal and new Boss EV-30 Expression Pedal. Another new product he announced was a new joint venture between Strandberg Guitars and Boss called Strandberg guitar powered by Boss and is available for viewing at the Strandberg and Boss booths.

The program advanced to a speech and introduction from Grammy Foundation & Music Cares Vice President Scott Goldman. He re-emphasized how Roland and Boss are great supporters of MusicCares. A foundation that helps people with financial issues. medical issues, people in the music community who need and not just performers and musicians but the truck drivers, the roadies, the light hangers, etc.
He then introduced guitarist Andy Summers of the Police to recieve the Roland Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr Summers took the stage and gracefully accepted the award and in his sometimes humorous way spoke about his history with roland and Boss gear. Particulary the Roland GR 300 and 700 Guitar Synthesizers.

Lastly Marketing and Product Director Of  Roland Europe Jeroen Ravesloot who introduced producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who announced the Lifetime Achievement Award to Jean Michel Jarre. Mr Jarre took the stage to accept the award and briefly touched on his upcoming tour of the US this Spring and that he's currently enjoying using the new Roland System 8 synthesizer. He particularly likes using the parameters of the System 8 as a control center for his rig.

A performance by Roland's Scott Tibbs on keys, Jerry Brooks on Bass, Mike Phillips on the AE-10 Aerophone wind instruments, and Omar Hakim on V-Drums closed out the program.


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