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Jack Hertz

NAMM 2017 Pittsburgh Modular New Lifeforms Eurorack Modules, Systems, More

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Introducing A New Generation Of Lifeforms Eurorack Modules

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (11).jpg



Our new core modules showcase the creativity and depth of the Lifeforms modular synthesis philosophy. Pushing the concept of one knob per function as far as it will go, these modules become more powerful the further they are explored:  a huge sounding dual oscillator with a unique performance CV routing bus; a four channel mixer that is also two mixers, or four attenuators, or any combination of the three; a unique modular modulation multi-tool with a wide array of interwoven functions; a creamy smooth filter that can also scream; an extremely musical envelope generator that can be a trigger delay; and a six channel performance mixer with custom preamps and flexible signal paths. The new Lifeforms modules are packed with unrestricted sonic potential.



Designed to be the nucleus of a synthesizer, the Double Helix Oscillator is a modular waveform generator like no other. A set of beefy, analog oscillators paired with voltage controlled shape contouring, deep modulation, and a performance ready voltage controlled modulation matrix create a dynamic, analog waveform playground. 

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (14).jpg



The Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer is a low noise, ambidextrous four channel mixer for both audio and CV signals. The signal path is extremely versatile allowing it to function in five different configurations: a four channel mixer; a pair of two channel mixers; four independent attenuators; two attenuators; and a two channel mixer, one attenuator and a three channel mixer.

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (18).jpg



The Lifeforms ADSR is a four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable attack, decay, sustain, and release stages. This module does one thing amazingly well. The ADSR smooths the shape of the incoming gates and triggers to produce a more expressive instrument. The ADSR output can be used to control the amplitude of an oscillator, the cutoff frequency of a filter or any other function on a module that accepts control voltages.

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (16).jpg



A deeper exploration of the Pittsburgh Filter sound, the Binary Filter is a voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter based on the filter of the Lifeforms SV-1. The state variable topology was chosen because it allowed us to produce a very smooth and natural sounding filter, in addition to offering several other modes of operation, each with a unique sound and energy all their own.

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (17).jpg



Envelope, LFO, noise, sample and hold, mixer, analog logic, slew, and oscillator, the Mod Tools is a diverse analog ecosystem of modulation. The functionality of the Mod Tools is split into four sections: multi-function, analog logic, noise | sample & hold, and modulation.

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (19).jpg



Packed with deep signal routing options and high quality preamps, the System Interface is a flexible audio hub, perfect for both studio and live performance. Squeezed into 24hp.

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (15).jpg

Lifeforms Foundation 4 modular synthesizer

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (13).jpg


Lifeforms Foundation Evo modular synthesizer

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (12).jpg


Structure EP-420 studio eurorack case

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (20).jpg


Structure EP-270 studio eurorack case

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (21).jpg


Nazca Audio Noodles eurorack cables

pittsburgh-modular-new-lifeforms-eurorack-modules (22).jpg

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