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Topic: Golden Section - System 7

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Golden Section is the sixth studio album by British ambient dance band System 7. In terms of rhythmic style each track is rather different, but the album flows perfectly. Ring of Fire is full on techno, Rite of Spring is more house than techno, Merkaba is techno/breakbeat. All the other tracks are breakbeat based with Exdreamist and Wave Bender displaying strong drum n'bass elements. There is a strong Balinese/Indonesian influence on the album which also carries through to the artwork. The tracks Sinom X Files and Borobudur feature major vocal samples from music we have found on our frequent Indonesian visits. Ring of Fire is based around a tribal drum sample from the island of Timor.

One significant collaboration that occurred was with Talvin Singh, who's club Anokha we visited regularly as a source of inspiration. We coupled this with a major sample from the late great Don Cherry taken from a track we did with him back in the 70's. The result we feel is a classic track that typifies the "psychedelic freestyle" approach. We've called the track "Don Corleone". We feel that this album is particularly in tune with our musical aspirations and with the current state of dance music - and not least in its very "7 friendly" release date. (7-7-97).

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