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Jon Johnson

Topic: Moodulator

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The MOODULATOR is an analog monophonic desktop synth with a midi interface and a lot of modulation options.
The Oscillators, Audioway and Filter are 100% analog circuits. Only the midi interface and the Envelopes includes digital parts.


As a concept, the idea of a complete analog desktop synthesizer with a unique modulation scheme that can also be used very well live.

The focus was also on the development of the full analog vintage sound, the play dynamics and especially the "simplicity" in the operation. Furthermore, should here many parameters can be controlled by the usual playing aids such as modulation wheel and velocity in real time and thus also known Multiple modulations are generated.

By integrating 2 internal VCA's and modulated envelope this multiple modulations could be realized. A solid metal casing, midi and screwed tight controls should not be missing also.

It is, for example, with a small rotational movement of the modulation wheel can control the intensity of the modulation envelope which then also simultaneously acts on 4 destinations and additionally regulates the amount of the Filter FM. Even the AMP decay and the LFO Amount on Oscillator Pitch and PWM 1 are thus simultaneously modulated .....


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