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Jon Johnson

Topic: Tinysizer

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The TINYSIZER voltage controlled oscillator analog modular synthesizer module is an SEM Oberheim style synthesizer. It includes 2 independent GLIDE / SLEW/LIMITER ( 1 msec. to 12 sec ) input and outputs and linear frequency modulation FM. The basic waveforms are: pulse and saw with sync in and out for each VCO. The COARSE frequency range is 31 Hz up to 3300 Hz without any modulation.The sound is inspired by the legendary Oberheim SEM analog synth module from the 1970's.

The TINYSIZER control voltage waveformprocessor WP waveshaper analog modular synthesizer module Any kind of input signal is allowed! The offset of the waveshaper is adjusted by the VCO 1 FINE / WAVEPRO knob. You can modulate symmetrie and frequency of the inputsignal or blend from rising sawtooth over triangle to falling sawtooth.

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