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Topic: Synthetic Music Systems - MARS

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The MARS (Modular Analogue Rack Synthesizer) is a complete five module modular synthesizer in a compact 1u 19" rack. Internal pre-patched connections allow for convenient signal & modulation routing but can be overridden for true modular synthesis.

The MARS ( Modular Analogue Rack Synthesizer) is a highly versatile music synthesizer. As a stand-alone unit it can create the “classic” sounds associated with analogue synthesizers: silky smooth filter sweeps, squealinglead lines and deep rumbling basses. Its open ended architecture has been carefully designed for expansion. The front controls allow the five synthesizer circuits within the MARS ( VCLFO, VCO, VCF, VCA, ENV) to be isolated,the sockets on the rear panel allow signal and modulation routing to be configured to your specification allowing for true modular synthesis.

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