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The EML-200 recreation is an old idea, and EMW has been attempting for over 12 years using several approaches and circuits that have been tested during this time. The first attempt was to create a similar synth, something that resembles the 200 but with several different modules and circuits. When this first prototype was ready, it was obvious that somehow the magic had been lost, so interest slowly faded away.

In 2011, with the growth of the EMW initiative, it was time to embrace this project again, but now with no more surprises. Hours were spent in front of the EML-200 and EML-300 to verify that it is complete, there was nothing too different that could be done to improve it.

This led to a very faithful recreation of a very unique synthesizer, now too rare and special to be acquired by the average synthesizer user. The EMW-200 is ready for action!

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