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Jack Hertz

FREE Synthesizer Friday - Synthcore 2

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Synthcore 2 is one of the most powerful analog emulation synthesizers ever made, based on features from the OSCAR and Waldorf Q (which, as you may know, were discontinued because they were too expensive to build in hardware). The audio path in Synthcore is entirely coded in gen~ codebox, which has never been done before. It took >6 months to code the >60 morphing oscillator waveforms with antialiasing and display, custom dual SVF filter with continuous modulation in 5 dimensions, multistage envelopes, multimode LFOs, modulation matrix with 60 sources and 135 destinations, toggle-mode keyboard, glide/glissando with unique glissando pattern generator, and 190-parameter MIDI I/O . The monophonic version is now available for free download in Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, and open-source Cycling'74 Max 7 code.

Download it now at http://www.yofiel.com/software/mac-and-pc-apps/249-synthcore-2


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