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Topic: Macbeth Studio Systems Elements Synthesizer

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Introducing Elements “ ...around about November of 2013, I began to realize some ideas that I'd been mulling over for some time the ideas that I was having to make larger sized modules, with larger sized controls built in to them as a set or series of modules that were not necessarily aimed at the tradition formats of 3u modular, or even 5u modular. It's tradtional for me to design synthesizers and now a tradition to design modules where the user gets more than just the original module function. On my X-Series dual oscillator for example I designed the oscillators first- then added ancillary functions such as attenuators, ring modulation and noise. In fact a full bodied, multiple sound source module with matched circuits to give 'that' sound. I'm not known for designing simple, plain functioning equipment. The dual oscillator and it's partner, the 'backend' filter broke the mold in the Eurorack Camp because while everyone else was making things smaller, it turned out that I was making things bigger. And of course, the reason for that was the control size on the panel...and ultimately the complex circuits built from the older, tradtional, larger parts.

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