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Jon Johnson

Topic: Kult

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MFB-KULT, includes most of the famous sounds of the older machines. MFB-KULT offers a SOUND and RHYTHM modes. There are 192 sounds, placed in 16 drumsets each containing 12 sounds. See the left display for the set number and the right display for the sound number. Use the rotary encoder to select sounds. If any sound is triggered by MIDI the display will change to display its sound number. It is possible to create and save your own drumset. Use storage positions 00...04. All other drumsets are factory preset.MFB-KULT offers 5 MIDI Channels. The User Set channel and four preset channels. While the User Channel plays the custom sets with up to 60 sounds, the preset channels each contain 48 sounds (4 octaves= 4 sets).

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