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The Arton VS-34 is a unique vocal analog synthesizer that was produced by soviet engineer Vladimir Kuzmin in the1980's from the Polivoks plant kachkanar. Sound unique and A synthesizer Arton VS-34 (a 3-octave 4-voice Vocal Synthesizer) is a modification of the Maestro synthesizer designed specifically for emulate the timbre of a human voice. the unit was modeled after another Soviet era synthesizer called the Maestro.

The Arton uses formant synthesis that produces the vowels "A", "O", "U", "I" featuring male and female voice sounds while articulating effects. It also has built in arpeggiator and also offers the same resonant filter and analog chorus as the Maestro. The instrument also features a joystick for further expressiveness of the synth engine particularly the vowel sounds.

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