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Junost-21 is a portable polyphonic keyboard synthesizer keytar. Timbre of sound can be changed in accordance with players desire by the use of controls or choosing one or 12 programed timbres with digital indication of chosen one. Polyphonic with 48-notes (F-E) strap-on velocity-sensitive synth with mod grip. You can choose one of the three vco configurations, each of them having four pre-programmed filter and envelope settings. Also is possible to set synth to manual mode, then it's possible to use synth's filter, env and lfo settings. Also chorus is available. On the grip, there are volume, tuning and chorus controls. Sliders on the main synth body for LFO depth, speed, delay, routing to filter or VCO. VCF and VCA each with AD envelope.

Device changes sounding during playing composition using such effects as chorus, unison, transposition with continuous and coarse control, frequency and timbre vibrato with continuous frequency, depth and delay time control, fixed and dynamic change of timbre,attack and fading of sound. Attack, fading and level of envelope of the filter. Filter's cutoff frequency control from the keyboard.

Control panels are made out of shockproof polystyrene. Power unit is made as an individual part. There is a belt to hang the instrument on a shoulder. The original power source with voltage within +/- 10 Volts is included. Audio output is standard 1/4 TS mono"Jack" (Installed).

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