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Jon Johnson

Topic: RTM-1

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Ritm-1 is a solid keyboard organ manufactured by the Kirov Factory, having a 5-octave keyboard providing the possibility of split sounds of the right and the left sections, a built-in rhytm box and the function of auto accompaniment with various styles. The instrument can play organ sounds, string and imitation of wind instruments, also a percussion click. Different registers are provided for variation of organ sounds, basses, accompaniment, etc; balance level between parts section and adjust of other sound modes is also provided for. Among the effects delivered by Ritm-1 are frequency, vibrato, tremolo, percussion and sustain.The organ is placed into a wood hard case; the weight is about 30 kg.

Functions of the accompaniment section:
- Styles: Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Samba, Bossanova, Foxtrot, Rhythm-and-Blues
- Rhytm start, bass level, Volume, Tempo
- Start knobs: keyboard, auto
-Accompaniment;: tone, percussion

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