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Jon Johnson

Topic: MIDI Bass Pro

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After the success of our original Midi Bass, we listened and learned a great deal about what people wanted
in a "bass line" sampler. As a resuit, our design team has incorporated many new features into a product
that is useful and easy to operate. Professionat Mldl Bass was designed to provide sampled sounds
so accurate and realistic that they put the actual bass instrument at your fingertips, while freeing up other
synths and samplers to be used to their fullest potential. Ideal for recording, sequencing and live
performance, the Professional Mldl Bass interfaces with MlDl controllers such as keyboards,
pedalboards, MlDl guitars or basses. This new rack mount version provides a megabyte of internal EPROM
sound memory capacity, improved signal-to-noise ratio (in excess of 90 dB) and two 12 mHz computers to
handle internal operations. All of this and more adds up to a pmduct we think will be a vital part of
everyone's set-up for many years to come.'

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