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Jon Johnson

Topic: MS-20

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One of the development themes for the PS-3100 that went on sale the preceding year was how to pack “big synth” circuitry into a limited space. It had been a struggle to make the circuitry as compact as possible in order to avoid lowering the specs. The circuitry developed for the comparably behemoth PS-3100 was utilized in the MS-20 to create a monophonic synthesizer which had two sets of VCO, VCF, VCA, and EG, as well as a patch panel and a module for external audio input and CV conversion. In keeping with its philosophy of being a synthesizer with as broad an appeal as possible, it was designed under rigorous cost management, and the dimensions of its sheet metal body were also chosen for reasons of economy. In particular, the powerful sound of its filter became a distinctive characteristic of the MS-20, making it representative of "the Korg sound."

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