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Topic: Blue Comets 73

Jon Johnson

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The Blue Comets is a single oscillator monosynth with a 12db filter. The osc has both sawtooth and square waves that can be selected individually or combined with the four rocker switches simply labeled "Wave 1", "Wave 2", "Wave 3" or "Wave 4". It can be modified with 7 presets assignable with rocker tabs labeled "Effect 1", "Effect 2", etc. There are no descriptions to the tabs as to what they actually sound like. Luckily there is a tab labeled "Control" that allows you to tweak the sounds with the control panel to the left of the keyboard. For keyboard tracking there is a knob labeled "Slope" so to keep the keyboard in tune as you play. The filter only has decay, and the Attack/Release VCA is very limited.Selecting all four "Wave" tabs will make it randomly distort. It also lets you add in noise and growl for more extreme tones.

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