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Topic: HR-30

Jon Johnson

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The HR-30 Super Variation from Hillwood was often mistaken for a Roland TR-66 knock off when in fact it is not. One of the premier beatboxes that helped spawn Dub and Dancehall Reggae, the HR-30 features a larger yet similar set of controls and preset rhythms as it's smaller unit the HR-2 but is lacking in some of the variation features of that model.

The front panel has 3 knobs for volume, balance and tempo and a variation switch for varying the rhythm from A-B-C. Keeping the switch set at A keeps the rhythms the same despite and variation in the preset rhythm where as B and C add a variation with fills. 10 radio buttons across the bottom of the front panel allow selection of various rhythm styles and 3 select buttons to the far right select which general genre the user wants to work with.

The back panel features a two outputs and a foot switch input. The two outputs are for HIGH and LOW outputs for different types of mixers or amplifier setup and the foot switch allows for start and stopping of the unit.

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