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Jon Johnson


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The Paia 2720 Synthesizer was a self contained modular synthesizer that you could build from a kit and add modules and features as desired. It was advertised heavily in many electronic magazines and and as a featured article in them. the instrument being modular made it extremely flexible and cost effective for musicians to get into synthesizers. Paia founder John Simonton published a series of articles on the 2700 series in Radio Electronics during it's time.

It has a single Voltage control oscillator with Ramp, triangle and pulse/Pulse width. It also has a EG aka in Paia lingo as Function Generator.
With manual trigger button and attack and decay, and variable attenuator. 2 filters one low pass and the other bandpasswith resonance control.

Additionally there is an Low Frequency Oscillator and Voltage controlled Amplifier, a 3 octave keyboard with glide control and pitch transpose with two trigger outs and one control voltage out.

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