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Jon Johnson

Topic: DDR-30

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The Roland DDR-30 is a MID) compatible digital drum module. Set up with the drum pad kits - PD-10 Bass Drum Pad and the PD-20 Snare/Tom Pads, it makes a perfect digital drum system.

The DDR-30 features 6 drum voices (Bass, Snare and Toms) and up to 8 different sounds per voice (total of 48 sounds) are preprogrammed ready to be called up by using the 6 drum pads (a Bass, a Snare and four Toms). These preprogrammed sounds can be delicately modified and stored in memory.

To enable the easy and accurate modification of sounds, ail the programming is done with the large Alpha Dial, and all programmed data and memory functions are displayed on the front panel.

Using the optional Memory Cartridge M-16C, you can expand the library of the drum sounds.

The DDR-30 can also be used as a drum module for a MIDI sequencer.

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