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The Rhythm SR-55 from SoundMaster Memory was released in 1981 as an all analog drum machine aka drum computer in it's time. The unit is programmable with an awkward way of programming by multiple presses of the play or pause button after selecting one of the 4 on board sounds.

It has a sequencer 6 x 16-step (4/4) patterns and 2 x 12-step (3/4 or 6/8) patterns, with A and B variations of each. You can play just A, just B, A followed by B or A then B every 4,8 or 16 bars (like a fill-in).

The 4 sounds are Kick, Snare, Closed Hat and Cymbal. An on board foot switch input allows for start and stopping of the sequencer. It also has Clock on pulse or of the Cymbal. Runs on an AC adapter or batteries. At the time it was said to be in competition to the Boss DR55.

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