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Topic: Spectrum Bass II

Jon Johnson

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The Peavey Spectrum Bass II Classic Bass Sound Module was released in 1995 featured some new improvements over the original Spectrum Bass. The unit is a sample playback module with 2 megabytes of wave rom, 12 voice polyphony and 6 part multitimbral.

The new version has an improved wave rom as well. Including acoustic string basses and fretless basses along with classic synth waveforms and digital synth waveforms. There are 12 dynamically resonant filters available. The MIDI implementation is deep and allows for full editing in real time of all parameters as well as sound programming.

The instrument offers MIDI IN/OUT/Thru and can be run in stereo or mono. There is a special Legato Mode for performance and it was also created to interface with Peavey's Cyber Bass and MIDI Bass guitar controllers.

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