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Jon Johnson

Topic: DPM 4

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The Peavey DPM 4 is an 61 key 32 voice, 16 multitimbral keyboard synthesizer. It also features velocity and aftertouch. Its is sample based rom
synthesizer with 10 MB of rom sound on board.

Its also has a resonant low pass filter2 LFO's and 4 five stage envelopes. The instrument offers extensive modulation capabilities and makes for an ideal MIDI master controller for your studio or live rig.

It also features a resonant low pass digital filter, dual LFOs, four 5-stage (5 level, 4 rate) envelopes, extensive modulation capabilities, 100 program memories, 24 bit dual stereo effects processors, 9 track real or step time sequencer, 3.5" DSDD (DOS) floppy drive, program card interface, and MIDI, along with the ability to load samples via MIDI SDS.

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