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Jon Johnson

Topic: Mochika X2

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Analog synthesizer with built in step sequencer, midi syncable.

Let's make some serious noise!!!
The new Mochika X2, is a great machine for live performance and improvisation, for creating insane effect loops, acid bass lines or crazy random rhythms, noise and experimental music.

Create your own organic analog sound in real time by tweaking the knobs on stage or in studio.
Now with a crazy 30 mode sequencer, you can change between any mode while playing, freeze the sequence or even change the initial step, define repetitions for each step and change the gate behavior, all live!!

Connect it to your favorite effects (delay, flange, etc, etc) and create a wide sort of rhytm textures and soundscapes.

Sync it to any midi device like a drumbox midi sequencer or computer and play live, now with a midi thru connector to add it to your midi chain, or sync it with your modular rig or other analog gear by its external analog clock input and output.

The Mochika X2 is built like a tank, with a rugged grey metal case with all switchers and potentiometers fixed to the case. If you break it... you've got an anger problem!!!

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