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Jon Johnson

Topic: driftbox R

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The Reon drifbox R is complete analog 2 VCO synthesizer that can make a wide variety of varied sounds with cross modulation and envelope that drifts

Synthesizer · Geek's slang, meaning "going crazy, uncontrollable", driftbox that derives its name from "drift". Driftbox R, instead of driftbox S 's DRIFT joystick, incorporates EG (envelope generator), allowing more playable synthesis.

However, powerful cross modulation unique to driftbox is evident. With the envelope installed, you can create a varied sound, such as enveloping the pitch and modulating it.

With 14 knobs arranged on a compact panel, 2 VCO, cross modulation with VCF, ASR / AD envelope, you can create a wider range of sounds from intense modulation to percussive sound.

Since CV / Gate signal can also be input and CV is prepared for each VCO, separate scale performances are played by CV 1, CV 2 as duo phonic synthesizer, and if using CV Link, both VCOs are played with CV 1 You can.

This product is not recommended for those who need a versatile synthesizer that is beautiful and tactless. However, if you are looking for a more free sound that you have never heard before, driftbox R will surpass that imagination.

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