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Topic: GR-500

Jon Johnson

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You really have control of your sound when you play a GR-500. The control panel is simple to operate, and all of the sounds are available at the flick of a switch on the guitar. For example, imagine a four-piece group—three guitars and drums. At the beginning, the lead guitarist wants a really raunchy sound. He flicks a switch on the GR-500, activating the Guitar Section. An adjacent, rotary knob changes the tone. This control is far more powerful than any tone controls built into a guitar before. It controls an equalizer on the control unit. When the guitarist comes to a solo, he wants a heavier sound. He flicks on the Bass Section. In addition to his raunchy lead, he's delivering a thundering bass in unison. The bass player plays a counterpoint and it really sounds very heavy. The lead player is using three independent amps with the GR-500…the lead coming from center-stage. But when he activates the Bass Section, the bass sound comes from the far right…another instrument "seems to appear from nowhere."

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