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Jon Johnson

Topic: Kobol

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RSF was a French synthesizer company in the latter part of the 1970's that was founded by Ruben and Serge Fernandez. In 1978 they released the Kobol keyboard synthesizer. It offers 44 keys, a 16 step sequencer, and 16 memory locations for user sounds. Its a 2 VCO instrument with a 24db voltage controlled filter and a single LFO with triangle and square waves. It offers generous assortment of knobs for editing or tweaking the sound. At the time it may have been considered an alternative to the Minimoog or addition to a keyboard rig. The Kobol is a very versatile instrument. Offering many sought after features of other analog synthesizers of it's time. less than 200 of the Kobol were made and it remained in the synth market from 1978-1979. Its closest relative may likely be the Crumar Spirit.

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