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Topic: Modular Model 11

Jon Johnson

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The RSF Kobol Modular11 was manufactured from 1976 to 1978. It is a monophonic modular synthesizer that is very similar to the ARP 2600. Its standard model has 3 oscillators, an LFO, 1 filter, 1 VCA, and a 61 key keyboard controller. It can be fully expanded to accommodate other modules the user may choose to install. Other options include Noise/S&H, 1 Lag Processor, RingMod, Phaser, Envelope Follower/Interface, Mixer, Power module The Kobol modules are fitted on high quality professional travel cases.The voltage is 220 /240 volts. RSF stands for the names of brothers Ruben & Serge Fernandez who founded RSF in France..

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