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Topic: Daft Punk Unchained

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DAFT PUNK UNCHAINED directed by Hervé Martin Delpierre and co-written with Marina Rozenman is the first independent film that reveals an unprecedented social phenomenon in the world of pop culture for 20 years: DAFT PUNK .

Between fiction and reality, magic and secrets, theatricality and humility, the two Frenchmen Thomas Bengalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have created a unique artistic universe. Throughout their careers, they have chosen to tirelessly master each link in their creative channel.

The film highlights the key moments of their history, from their first high school group in Paris to their triumph in Los Angeles where they won five Grammy Awards for their album Random Access Memories in 2014.Through their posture - against the current of our seeming society - the DAFT PUNK question us about the quest for independence and freedom of two creators, and our own relationship to image, media, and celebrity.

At a time of globalization and the explosion of social networks, they refuse to display their true face and orchestrate with precision each of their appearances in robots.

Produced by BBC Worldwide France and distributed worldwide in 2015, DAFT PUNK UNCHAINED required two years of production. Filmed in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Paris, the documentary plunges us into the secret world of the masked duo.

It offers extracts from radio interviews of DAFT PUNK (from 1996 to 2013), rare archives and exclusive testimonials from their close friends and associates, including Phillipe Williams, Nigel Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Kanye West, Michel Gondry, Paul Williams, Peter Lindbergh, Todd Edwards, Leiji Matsumoto Gardner, Pedro Winter and Pete Tong.


In a film, there is always a hidden phrase, the one that the director keeps jealousy because he needs to see over the months his story is written and constructed. At the beginning of the adventure DAFT PUNK UNCHAINED, a boyfriend of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel of Homem-Christo said: "When they started DAFT PUNK, their dream was to make people cry happiness! ... "

This phrase has always been present to help us understand the DAFT PUNK galaxy. A captivating world, made of multiple paradoxes.

Indeed, in a society like ours, which has become a gigantic flood of images and sounds, a theater of appearances and over-mediatization, two artists have been able to create their universe and preserve their independence, rules, desire for rarity and their culture of secrecy, without ever renouncing their youthful principles which have forged their original ambition?

These paradoxes have obviously guided my camera and the gaze I posed on DAFT PUNK, their collaborator's stars or unknown to the general public, their friends and witnesses of their journey.

The artistic posture of the group should not make us lose sight of its original posture. For if the DAFT PUNK have always wanted to give meaning to their artistic acts, it is with the ultimate goal to make us dance, to sing, to live emotions, finally to entertain us. And that's exactly what we tried to share with you in this film.

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