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Sensel Morph - Next-Gen Touch Controller Now Shipping

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Sensel creates next-generation touch technology. Sensel's first product, the Morph, puts this technology into your hands. Swap overlays to change from music, writing, gaming, and more. USB or Bluetooth means the Morph works anywhere. Experience a new level of expression with 20,000 pressure sensors at your fingertips. Whatever your passion, you can make it with Morph.



The Sensel Morph

Digital artists rely on more than just one tool to tell their story. Until now, almost all those tools are bulky, take a lot of power, and don’t capture the full range of human touch. The Morph puts all those tools into one mobile, versatile package. Easily swap between wireless keyboard, making a melody, or cutting up your video. The Morph puts creative power in your hands where you need it when you want it. 


Don’t press play, play with pressure. Make music naturally with the Morph. Melodies, rhythm, and dynamic control. Portable and powerful: perfect on the go, on the stage, or in the studio. Every Morph comes with a free copy of Arturia Analog Lite. With 17 synthesizers and 500 presets, you'll be ready to start making the minute you start using the Morph.



Video and Audio Editors

There’s more to telling your story than pointing a camera: give your videos a professional edge with a proper tool. Plenty of keys and macros with a slick jog wheel cut your edit time down and make your videos shine. Adaptable for audio and photo edits too.

Sensel Pressure Grid™

Sensel technology has been developed and refined over the past two years, surpassing current touch interface solutions in a number of key areas. Not only does the sensitivity and utility take touch to new dimensions, Sensel can help others put this technology into their products. We work with companies to create wonderful new experiences with our easy to integrate, scalable form factors. Our work with haptics and display technologies promise to usher in a whole new class of interactive devices.

A new dimension for touch interaction.

The Pressure Grid™ technology leverages a high resolution sensor array combined with an efficient drive scheme to capture a rich force image.

  • 1mm pitch sensor array
  • Adaptive drive scheme
  • 2g-5kg force sensing range
  • Over 30K levels of dynamic range




Sensel Morph Pricing

  • The Sensel Morph $299.00
  • Morph Travel Case $ 25.00
  • Developer's Cable $ 19.00
  • Innovator's Overlay $ 35.00
  • Piano Overlay $ 35.00
  • Drum Pad Overlay $ 35.00
  • Music Production Overlay $ 35.00
  • Video Editing Overlay $ 35.00
  • Gaming Overlay $ 35.00
  • QWERTY Overlay $ 35.00
  • DVORAK Overlay $ 35.00
  • AZERTY Overlay $ 35.00
  • Art Overlay $ 35.00



More information and updates at https://sensel.com/

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