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X-Bay - The Ultimate Synthesizer: Analog Sound Under Digital Control Kickstarter

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X-Bay “the ultimate synthesizer” is vintage analog in a compact 19 inch rack, cable-less modular based upon an automated patch matrix that makes it possible for analog signals and connections (internally from our vintage modules and externally from synthesizers, drum machines, mixing consoles etc) to be controlled, managed and stored digitally. Unlimited, no concessions and without AD/DA conversions. Just connect all hardware and X-Bay will do the rest with true zero latency. Single click control with any web browser, regardless device or platform. Store, manage and play. What is absolutely unique about X-Bay is cable-less patching, compactness, extendability and the way the software controls the connections. Simple and fast!




Vintage Analog, Digital Control

X-Bay provides ultimate freedom in creating beautiful analog sound, that smooth soundwave which is almost extinct because of MP3 and the “blessings” of digital music production. For this “r”evolution we need you, Kickstarter is the platform. If you like to know more then visit our campaign or share it with anyone you know that is into music electronics (DJ's, producers, synth adepts) , they will be grateful for it and we too.




The Ultimate Synthesizer and/or patchbay

Imagine that you can capture all the patch capabilities of your analog modular in one magic box. Maintaining the full analog signal path, configuration and recall via software. Imagine that you can put together an analog synth like a car in a computer game. A Jupiter oscillator, an Oberheim filter, a Korg envelope ...  assembled in a few clicks and with endless routing options.

  • Nothing virtual, genuine vintage analog sound with famous synth chips from the 70's and 80's.  
  • Completely modular with cable-less analog patch matrix.  
  • Patch cable-less with analog switching chips and software, full digital control. 
  • Without AD/DA conversions between matrix input and output for 100% analog signal path and true zero latency. 
  • Option to function partly or fully as cable-less patchbay for all external devices too.
  • Option to cable-less patch and control other 3th party modular synths too.
  • Total analog recall, switch between cable-less wiring configurations instantly. Option to work with downloadable presets too.
  • Extendable cable-less patch matrix with switching cards, can grow to your needs and desires.
  • Extendable sound with vintage module cards.
  • Compact and robust 19" enclosure with optional custom front plate for enclosure pledges that fill up our goal.  
  • Xtreme price break, affordable automated analog audio matrix (search ebay on "64 audio matrix" and see for yourself).
  • Hard gold plated pcb's assembled in Europe, build to last a lifetime.

We from Anatal Electronics worked for many years on an extendable analog patching matrix that works with chips and software. Upon that patch matrix we build a modular synthesizer with real analog sound that can be controlled with chips and software instead of cables. All analog settings and patch configurations can be saved and restored. For your reference it can be seen as a real analog Nord Modular, an extendable polyphonic Arturia Matrix Brute or a modular Omega infinity with up to 256x256 modulation matrix size.



Check out all the details at the Kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anatal/ultimate-synthesizer-4u


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