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Poly Expressive User Configurable Foot Controller for Audio and MIDI

Jack Hertz

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Poly Expressive is a foot controller that gives you more fluid, musical control than ever before. Do you want something that switches between 20 presets with clear labels? Easy. Want much more including X Y pads and pressure sensitive controls? It does that too, and it’s all easy to set up with our setup app. Simply print your board from the app and slide it into the sleeve.




Our Inspiration

For a long time I wanted to control effects while playing guitar or bass but to do so I had to either take my hands of the instrument and turn knobs or control a single thing with an expression pedal. I wanted something better, so I created the Poly Expressive. I often run my bass or guitar through Bitwig or Ableton as well as pedals, layering sounds and triggering clips and samples to augment my playing.

Responds to Position and Pressure

a board for controlling the Pigtronix Echolution 2, with multi dimensional control

Poly Expressive isn’t a 1 dimensional controller like an expression or wah pedal. Instead, it senses horizontal and vertical position and pressure at very high precision and low latency, giving you much more control with every movement.

You can also customise the curve / taper of each of control. Imagine that you want to control a filter but only half of the range of the control knob suits your style. It’s easy to setup to have just the section you want.



 A big difference between Poly Expressive and a traditional controller is that you can make it have as many or as few controllers as you want. Poly fits both ledger and A3 paper so it’ll work anywhere in the world. Making and switching between boards is quick and easy.

Like X Y pads or pressure sensitive squares? Have heaps of them or just a few. Got big feet or pointy shoes? Change the sizes to suit you. Customise your board easily and print them out wherever you are.



Poly Expressive is great with pedals as they are our main focus. At launch we hope to have default controls and boards for every major pedal. Currently we test with pedals from Chase Bliss, Pigtronix, Positive Grid, Strymon and Line 6. It’s easy to power Poly Expressive as it takes standard centre pin negative 9V DC power and only needs 100ma.




Easy to Set Up

Setting up some pedals or amps with MIDI can require reading the possibly confusing manual to find CC numbers, and what they mean. Not any more! With Poly you can just select the pedals and their controllers will appear in the app. Instead of looking up that sending value 3 selects Fuzz, just select Fuzz from the drop down.

The setup app runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.


 Amps are great with MIDI control too. We test extensively with Hughes and Kettner, Peavey, and Positive Grid products. We also support the Line 6 Helix, Axe FX and Kemper Profiler. Easily control any setting or change between presets.

DAWs / Software

Clip launching, live looping, parameter control, it’s all easy with Poly Expressive. Do you want something like a clip launcher for your feet? Just print out that board. Poly Expressive is great with Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live and other DAWs. You can connect up to your DAW with Bluetooth MIDI or traditional wired connections. If you’re running Bias FX / Amp on your iPad, tablet or laptop you can easily control it with Poly Expressive.

Other Features

You can send MIDI clock and daisy chain multiple Poly wirelessly, so you can use multiple Poly in a single setup without needing cables between them.

Feature Summary

  • Detects position and pressure
  • Can send 3 dimensions at once per area, multiple MIDI messages can be mapped to each dimension.
  • No hard limit on how many messages per area.
  • As many regions as you want, in any colour.
  • Whole area:  22.2" x 13.8" / 565 mm X 350 mm, active window area 18.5" x 11.6" / 469 mm X 294 mm.
  • ⅛” / 3 mm thick
  • Fits A3 or ledger paper
  • Great for controlling pedals, amps, DAWs/software and mobile apps
  • Can send MIDI clock
  • Daisy chain multiple Poly wirelessly
  • Bluetooth and wired MIDI
  • Standard 9V 100mA centre negative power required
  • Can send MIDI control change (CC), program change, note on/off, aftertouch, pitch bend.
  • 6.5 MHz sample clock for low latency and accurate position sensing.
  • Setup app runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Poly Expressive is built by us here in Melbourne, Australia using premium Switchcraft connectors and other top quality parts. Our pressure sensors are very responsive and are rated for over a million presses.
  • Poly Expressive is an intuitive, reliable and inspiring foot controller and we need your support to revolutionise foot control.

Read more now at the Kickstarter site - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1961989452/poly-expressive-midi-foot-control-dont-switch-cont?ref=5tkz9v&token=bf4e4bc2



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