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Touch Innovations Emulator 2 - New Low Price, No Subscription Required

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Good news! Touch Innovations have cut the price of Emulator 2 to $59 and no longer require a subscription. Now you can roll your own Windows MIDI Touch controllers for less than ever.

Create your dream controller for any software. Emulator 2 includes all standard objects like sliders, knobs, modulation pads, encoders, buttons and much more. Best of all, every component is fully customizable. The newly designed editor features tons of new capabilities including; full color palette, MIDI learn, OSC protocol and standard keyboard commands. Even template images and full color backgrounds with a user friendly navigation and more. Use as a stand alone main controller or as the perfect companion alongside your existing hardware devices.




Emulator 2 has been fully re-designed and re-engineered for flexibility and ease. So much that the new intuitive editor will have you making your custom interface in minutes. You can create one from scratch or choose from our built-in pre-made templates and customize all aspects in the easy to use editor. Creating your own masterpiece is now easier than ever and you can even add logos, images, and animated GIFs.


Your software and your touch controller on the same interface. Our patented technology enables and merges the native interface of any software with your own touch controller. By creating “holes” you are able to port and stream certain elements of your underlying software to resize and move. This enables you to customize your touch template without affecting the performance of those elements. You will have all the power of your performance tool at a glance in your own way.


Users who create their own touch template using Emulator 2 will now have the opportunity to sell their creative works on our Template Library. You can now select from dozens of user created templates available that suit your needs. The Template Library will allow you to access, purchase and upload templates of hardware you know and love as well as never before seen templates that are sure to be fun and visually stunning. Share your creative works from our Template Library a start seeing profits paid automatically to your Template Library Seller Account.


MAC - Mac OS X running Yosemite or newer built after 2011 and Intel HD3000 graphics or better

PC - Windows 8, 8.1, 10 with Intel i3 or better and 2GB RA

Buy or Try it Free Now at https://touchinnovations.com/emulator-2/

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