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FREE Synthesizer Friday - Synesthesie Virtual UPIC Synthesizer

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UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique CEMAMu) is a computerized musical composition tool, devised by the composer Iannis Xenakis. It was developed at the Centre d'Etudes de Mathématique et Automatique Musicales (CEMAMu) in Paris, and was completed in 1977. Xenakis used it on his subsequent piece Mycènes Alpha (1978). The UIPC has continued to evolve as technology progressed, movie to different platform including a real-time PC application,. Today, it is lives as an online version that anyone can use. Here is your chance to compose with one of the first digital sound synthesizers much like Iannis Xenakis and his contemporaries used to literally paint with sound.

Play now - https://synesthesie.buzzinglight.com/
Note: Use your browser translate feature to change from French to English.



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