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Latest WavemansUnderground 2017 Synth/Ambient/Drone/Sequencer

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Friday 22 december 20.00 - 0.30 (7pm - 11.30pm UK) 
http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or www.radiosunrise.de 

--Note-- Make shure to listen / join the chat, we do not Podcast ! All 25 tracks in 128-192/kbps quality 

The Netherlands: Romerium, Arjen Schat, (**)UNI Sphere, Phrozenlight 

France: Christian Richet, Zanov, Jean-Luc Nest, Space Megalithe, Nightbirds, I-Cube, Monade Ach 

Lemland: Johan Tronestam 

Belgium: Alain Kinet, RHEA, Galactic Underground(feat. Erik Wollo), Thurin (feat.Peter Brutin), AGE, Nothing But Noise, (*)Syndromeda live(see Italy) 

Germany: BK&S, Ringhausen, Johannes Schmoelling, Filter Kaffee 

Italy: (*)Perceptual Defence live(see Belgium) 

(*)Soon on Luna Syngate label 
(**) Want to hear UNI Sphere 2018 ? Just Listen! 


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