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Robert Schroeder Mosaique CD Release from Da-Music Coming Soon!

Jack Hertz

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Finally ! Release of the LP MOSAIQUE now as CD

In 1981, Robert Schroeder's third LP MOSAIQUE was released on Klaus Schulze's IC-Label. Like any previous production, Mosaique is characterized by Schroeder's original style and sound and rich in variety.

MOSAIQUE itself set apart from the frame of the then usual character of "electronic music". Here, Schroeder combined the style patterns of the "old electronic school" with the timbres of "real" instruments. A successful experiment to produce "Electronic Music" using conventional musical instruments (bass, drums, electric guitar, synthesizer).

Special sounds for that time were achieved by using the first PPG-Wave2 digital synthesizer. Even during the production of MOSAIQUE in the IC recording studio of Klaus Schulze, Robert went to the "Frankfurt Musikmesse" in 1981 and bought the first PPG Wave-2 directly at the stand, driving back into the studio and producing the LP MOSAIQUE. Contributed by Charly Büchel (guitar), Rob Van Schaik (bass), Fred Severloh and Tommy Betzler (drums).

Unfortunately the record company da-music was unable to decide a release of MOSAIQUE on CD until today. Now at least the rights to sell a CD-R could be obtained. Thus, the now 37 years old work is now available for the first time as a CD. A bonus track "Syntropia" extends the rather short original LP version by more than 9 minutes. The release of the MOSAIQUE CD-R is on NEWS-music records in January 2018.

More information and ordering can be found at http://www.news-music.de/schroeder_e/a_shop_cd_e.php#mosaique

Poster_Robert Schroeder_Mosaique_e.jpg



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