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Topic: Urban Dialogue by Berthelot & Mystified


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Musician Berthelot was challenged to create a long piece using Mystified's "Urban Discourse" samples. Here is the outstanding result.

All sounds by Mystified, USA.

Sound editing and final structure by Berthelot, France.

Cover painting (detail) by Thomas Jackson Park, aka Mystified.

"The "Sounds For Urban Discourse" sample packs are sounds I processed from a collection that dates back to my years of living at the apartment at Brannon and Chippewa. Utensils, tools, water, metal, porcelain; recordings were made of various sources in this place. Years later I shared the processed versions of these sounds.

BERTHELOT was an artist I wanted to work with, as I enjoy his music and like his submission for the "Particular Streams Remixes 3" compilation.

He has done an incredible piece using the "Discourse" samples. It is about 40 minutes long, and, interestingly, contains many different movements, each with its own sound set, but each neatly fitting into the whole. I would like to think that my years spent in poverty fit into my life, as a whole, as well in some strange way."

Thomas Jackson Park

[ Experimental Ambient, Experimental Electronic, Acousmatic, Post-Concrete, Noise, Field Recordings ]


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