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Topic: The Eyes Scream: A History of the Residents

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A history of The Residents hosted by Penn & Teller. It contains excerpts from most of their videos and some are in their complete form. It also contains the complete "Don't Be Cruel" video, their performance of "From the Plains to Mexico" and "Teddy Bear" on Night Music, and other TV appearances. The Palace release is in the PAL video standard. The Torso release is in the NTSC video standard.

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I saw Mr. Penn Jillette do the live "narration" for the Mark Of The Mole show a couple of times back in 1982.  No one knew who he was then.  I saw him play bass for the group on their middle 1980's tour too (last show, Warfield, SF).  Most of the official Mole Show Ralph Recordz stuff I've seen over the years is made up of edits and collages -- not the straight ahead show itself, no Penn Jillette, sadly.  I, naturally, have a pretty good recording from one of the SF shows from those days.   I saw the Residents lots of times back in the 20th Century, used to go to Ralph garage sales regularly, saw Homer do a live demo of the FREAK SHOW interactive DVD/CD at the Mill Valley Film Fest.  Ah, those were the days... 

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