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Topic: Бог благословит Америку


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The name of this album translates to "God Bless America" in English. Each piece is an unrehearsed improvisation. The United States currently allows its citizens to create and share experimental audio artworks.  One and all are encouraged to celebrate this album today, because who knows what might happen to it tomorrow?

Track 1,   English Translation:   "the biggest crowd ever"
Recorded January 2, 2018
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Track 2,  English Translation:   "very stable genius"
Recorded January 17, 2018
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Track 3,  English Translation:   "no collusion"
Recorded January 2, 2018
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Track 4,  English Translation:  "grab them by the pussy"
Recorded January 5, 2018
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Instruments And Electronics:

Korg R3 Vocoder/Synthesizer
Micro Moog Analog Synthesizer
Five Below Modified Electronic Sound Generator
Ibanez DM 1000 Digital Delay
Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Loop Duplicator
Diane The Mannequin Hand

Copyright  2018
by Taped Rugs Productions


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